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2nd anniversary coming up

Maanav Kabir, I wish I felt you more. I am going to start looking for a sign from you. I tried before, but wasn't really into it, but I will try.

I am struggling once again in February/March before the accident in April. I am coming up on 2nd year of it happening. I have a lot of mixed feelings, ups and downs. I have much sadness. Will it ever get better? I don't know. But with that comes some happy times. Mia going to Tulane in the smarty pants. Biomed Engineering with Business. Wow. She must be my daughter!

I couldn't do the Best Buddies Walk planning this year. The foundation reached out a lot, and I appreciate that, but I just don't have it in me this year.

So, instead, I am going to ask for you to help support Doctors Without Borders. They use 100% of your donation to helping with under served countries, which a big part includes Ukraine right now.

Would you please consider clicking on this link and donating in Maanav's memory?

Also, for Raj's memory. Raj was a doctor too, and I know he would have appreciated keeping his legacy up through DWB as well. Also, my birthday is coming up soon....15 days before the accident anniversary. And Maanav's birthday was 11 days after the accident. He would be 19 this year. And getting to know the world through college. We were excited to have him start at Mira Costa College. I am sad to have not seen him learn a bigger part of the world. But what does this mean for those of us here when we have to deal with war? It's a sad time, and it makes me even more sad this time of year. Please consider keeping Maanav's legacy alive by donating. On behalf of Mia as well. My beautiful smart daughter who walked away from the car to be with me.

Thank you ((((hugs))))



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