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Beach beach beach.

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Mia and I are enjoying our beach time. I post alot on Instagram and Facebook, showing pictures of my time off of work with cooking and beach time.

It's been a difficult journey, and this second year continues to be even harder than last year. But helping Mia through her last year in High School and wandering the beaches while wondering what's next has been soothing, helpful, yet very hard as well.

Mia got her new car and has successfully had her first scratch. But you can bet she won't be doing any more soft right turns into a wall anytime soon :) (Sorry Mia, had to divulge).

My website is still in the works, and I continue to work towards Hummingbird Health DPC. (website in the works!…) I have been lucky to work with other telehealth approaches and am trying to use some of my free time to finally work a bit and learn what else is out there than big HMO medicine. I am very interested in helping you with Integrative Health and Functional Medicine. Learn about these holistic approaches to your health and well being and maybe one day……..

Feel free to join my Dr. Sehgal Facebook page (@drbsehgal) as well as Instagram (if you haven't already)... @delmargirl. I even have a cooking page because those that know me even more know I’d be a chef if not a doc… @ChefDelmargirl

#imissyou #maanav #love #beach #sunsets #doggos


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